Project Info +
Client: Openhouse 
Illustration: Aarti Bhalekar

Openhouse is an Edtech company. They conduct afterschool learning spaces for children aged 4 to 18 with classes on academic and extracurricular topics of interest. 

They use Instagram as one of their platforms to engage students about current events, encourage them to start conversations, and share their stories around topics their peers will relate.

While working with them as a visual designer, their social media went through various design developments.

At the start of my journey with Openhouse, I was responsible for creating illustrations and templates for their social media content. And after a while, I had the opportunity to take over the creative direction of their social media page, in which we selected a topic for each week, and I created the designs for them. 

I even got the opportunity to create a few illustrations for their website. 

You can check out their Instagram and website here. 

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