Hi, I'm Aarti!
A Motion Designer and Illustrator


In the three years of studying animation in DSK/Rubika, one of the courses was motion design. I enjoyed working on this medium as I believe motion and design, when connected effectively, can powerfully tell stories across multiple platforms to communicate with people at a deeper level.

However, I felt that I didn't fit into a singular creative title; I have found myself dabbling into different types of media to express myself over the years. Even though my portfolio is heavily motion-based, during my time studying digital design at VFS, I got the opportunity to learn brand systems and understand and work on the mechanics of creating a good user experience. 

I'm a constant work in progress, so whenever I find the time, you will see me exploring new art styles and learning new techniques to communicate my ideas and stories.

The other passions that help me ideate in the creative space are long walks, adventure sports, and sipping my favorite green tea.

Say hi! at aarti.p.bhalekar@gmail.com
I look forward to building something beautiful together!