Dummies Guide for Men

Buying an engagement ring is not an easy task. A lot goes on in one's head before making the final decision. To solve this problem, Natural Diamond Council wanted to create a relatable and educational piece to guide the audience on how to go about selecting the perfect ring for their partner, before they pop the big question. 

The visuals for the video are inspired by retro pop art, with a mixture of comic strip styles to bring out the element of fun which goes behind the scenes before buying a ring.

You can read and see more work in the article here :
Why a Gem Needs a Gem And Why a Man Needs a Diamond Buying Guide.


Project Info +
Agency: Dentsu Webchutney 
Illustration: Aditya Dutta
Animation: Aarti Bhalekar & Mehr Chatterjee
V.O: Karan Nambiar
Sound Design: DS