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Project: Term 1 Project ( Royal College of Art )
Team Members: Aarti Bhalekar, Ah Young Shin, Ruby Bell & Zoe Shum

STALL is a 5-minute 360 fictional short film that aims to destigmatize menstruation for young people. The film focuses on a young person who experiences menstruation for the first time and may be experiencing fear and discomfort.

 Statistically, 85% of people aged 10 to 18 have tried to hide the fact that they are on their period; many also feel scared, confused, and embarrassed when they get their first period. Through this film, we want to validate the experience related to periods.

In the film, we travel from a home bathroom (a gender-neutral personal space) to three fantastical locations—a 3D club environment, a movie theatre, and a surrealist void. Each environment highlights important conversations around menstruation.

STALL EDIT V08.00_00_30_11.Still006.png
STALL EDIT V08.00_02_20_16.Still008.png
STALL EDIT V08.00_01_08_23.Still007.png
WhatsApp Image 2024-04-12 at 15.48.32_81828020.jpg

Winter Gathering Exhibition at the Royal College of Art


External Exhibitions : 

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