Project Info +

2nd-year term end Project: Rubika

Team : 

Character Illustrations:

Mukund Padmanabhan , Rohit Parasa

Environment Illustrations :

Aarti Bhalekar , Bhumi Pansuriya

Animation :

Mukund Padmanabhan , Rohit Parasa ,Aarti Bhalekar , Bhumi Pansuriya  & Yash Srivastava 

Voice Over :

Ja Khole Thaisii 

Sound Design :



The Infographic is to educate the audience on the origin of voodoo and dispel the various myths surrounding it. Our scriptwriter ( Mukund Padbhanam ) wanted to educate people on their practices as a religion and give insight into the gods worshipped in the African and Caribbean societies.

Through table-reads, we felt that the script had plenty of factual information. Thus we decided it all could be portrayed through character animation and fun graphics to grab the user's attention. It would also make it easier to comprehend the concept of voodoo and its teachings.