Hey Aarti! Here's the brief :


We are working on the concept: Dummies Guide for men – Engagement Rings

We are taking a tongue and cheek approach for this pillar trying to educate the audience on the things men need to know while purchasing an engagement ring. This will fall under the educational pillar.



Dissecting the perfect engagement ring 101

Some might argue that buying an engagement ring is not less than rocket science. 

Which is why, for this piece we will create a funny yet relatable video around the thoughts that go inside a man’s head who is about to buy an engagement ring.

The video will follow a comic strip style visual with a funny VO accompanying it. 

Sample conversation: 

What is an engagement ring? It’s just another ring with a shinier diamond, no?  What does it signify? Only your love. No pressure, right? 

Let’s dissect the mind who has to buy this ring. You say to yourself “the first ring I fall in love with, that’ll be the one.” But you enter and you fall in love...multiple times! But which one is it that she will fall in love with…?

The idea came to me after watching a Netflix documentary, "The Minimalists: Less is Now." The film made me realize that today's culture is one of rampant consumerism. It has resulted in an environment that thrives on redundancy - clothes we don't wear, old memorabilia tucked away in boxes. We consume things quicker than we can dispose of them.

Minimalism is not an idea that has any mind share today. But adopting it can be a cure for many of our ills.