This was a short film we made during our 3rd-year in college. The film follows a guy who gets his car door stuck on his way to work and goes to extremes to go open it. 

However, the Film is not published as it could not be completed due to unfortunate circumstances.

Storyboard- Amish Jain 

Character Design- Amish Jain and Rohit Parasa. 

Environment Design - Aarti Bhalekar and Balram Tiwari

Art Direction - Aarti Bhalekar and Rohit Parasa.

Modelling of the environment - Aarti Bhalekar and Rohit Parasa.

Modelling of Props- Balram Tiwari 

Texturing- Aarti Bhalekar, Amish Jain, Rohit Parasa, Balram Tiwari

Lighting - Aarti Bhalekar

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