Celebrating the Power of Love with Diamonds

June is celebrated as Pride month, dedicated to the LGBTQI+ communities worldwide. A month where people come together in love and friendship to show how far queer rights have come despite the roadblocks.
NDC Diamonds asked me and two other artists two illustrate and tell a story about what love in the LGBTQI+ community means to us. Coincidentally, diamonds have also been a declaration of love for centuries. Therefore keeping in mind the slogan " Love is Love," we created illustrations around this theme and attributed the diamond, to further express this notion. 

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The Pride Story – Celebrating the Power of Love with Diamonds

Project Info +
Agency: Dentsu Webschutney 

Illustration: Aarti Bhalekar 

Love is beautiful

“To me, love means celebrating your true self. I’ve watched my friends from the community live closeted lives for a very long time. But the rise of the LGTBQ movement has given them the confidence to celebrate themselves; and more importantly, letting go of the fear of judgement. It was an important reminder for them that they have people who love and support them for who they are. I watched my closeted friends overcome their hesitation and truly accept themselves. I have watched them embrace the liberation that comes with self-acceptance and self-love. And that is something I believe everyone should strive for… for themselves and for others.”

Love is a lot like a diamond that’s just been found. It’s not perfect, but with the right amount of care, work and effort, you make it. And so, it doesn’t matter if it isn’t perfect for the outside world to see. What matters is that it’s the perfect fit for you. And it’s this love that resides in the heart of celebrating Pride. Because no matter what your gender, all love wants is to make you happy.

Aarti Bhalekar