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About Me

A curious and determined person with a calm outlook on life and design. I love to hike, go for adventure sports and marvel at nature. Over many years of creative exploration and dabbling in all sorts of projects, I’ve made it a habit to learn a little bit of everything— from motion design to illustrations and brand design.


I believe motion and design when connected effectively can powerfully tell a story with the added visual experience to connect at a deeper level with the user. 

Though I’m confident in my own visual style, I am adaptable, full of initiative, and can quickly learn and grow wherever I’m planted.

My portfolio showcases work put-together using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, AfterEffects and Cinema 4d techniques. 


Best Student Project for Less is More

(Vancouver Film School) 

Best Team Project for Speak Up

(Vancouver Film School) 

Best Motion and Communication skills for Speak Up

(Vancouver Film School) 


Email - aartibhalekar@gmail.com

Tel - + 9193118 65772

Look forward to building something beautiful together!